Watch for hints that your dog isn't feeling their best

Arthritis can sneak up on your dog if you're not looking for it. Knowing the early warning signs can help you advocate for your dog's mobility. Be sure to tell your veterinarian if you think arthritis is starting to set in so they can recommend a treatment plan to protect your dog's joints.

Early symptoms of arthritis dogs may include:1,2

Acts more anxious,
restless or irritable

Struggles to get comfortable and frequently changes positions

Slower to get up or sit down

Shifts weight from side to side or front to back while standing

Hesitates before doing normal activities like walking, sitting or climbing stairs

Shows less interest in playing

Make sure you and your veterinarian are in sync

Use this quiz to help you think about your dog's arthritis risk. Then take the answers to your next vet visit. It could be the key to helping your veterinarian know what's going on with your dog's joint health.

An arthritis treatment that helps keep dogs moving

If your dog is diagnosed with arthritis, your veterinarian will recommend an approach that may include Adequan® Canine (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan), the only FDA-approved medication that’s proven to proactively treat the disease and not just the symptoms of arthritis. 3

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