About Adequan Canine

What is Adequan® Canine (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan)?
What is a DMOAD?
Are corticosteroids or NSAIDs disease-modifying OA drugs like Adequan Canine?
Is there a generic version available?

Mechanism of action & efficacy

What is the mechanism of action for Adequan Canine?
What is the pharmacology of Adequan Canine?

How to use Adequan Canine

How is Adequan Canine packaged?
What is the approved dosing for Adequan Canine?
What is the treatment protocol after the first 8 injections?
Where do I administer an injection?
Can the 8 doses be withdrawn at one time for a full course of treatment into 8 syringes to have available for traveling?
Do I have to keep Adequan Canine refrigerated?
Is Adequan Canine in a multiple-use vial?
Does Adequan Canine come with syringes?

Safety & approved uses

Are there age or breed restrictions for Adequan Canine?
Can I give Adequan Canine to a dog already taking an NSAID?
Are there any contraindications?
Any precautions?
What is the current Important Safety Information (ISI)?

Ordering & shipping

How do I order Adequan Canine?
What should I do if I received product that was shipped in a method different from the recommended storage?
How do I return expired product?
Is there an American Regent Animal Health sales representative I can call?

For more information

Where can I get marketing and in-clinic materials?
Who can I call with questions about Adequan Canine?

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